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Thursday, January 19, 2012

An artist's journey to Atlanta

I recently attended the Atlanta gift show over the weekend. It was so exciting and inspiring for several reasons. I had been to Surtex in NYC, but never the Atlanta show. If you're a licensed artist, buyer, or agent...You should definitely check it out! I do warn you though...It's massive...go with a game plan, or you'll be consumed by product. Also, wear comfy shoes. I'll admit...I've ignored this at times in the past...Luckily, you can still wear flats or low boots, and look chic girls ;). Back to the inspirational part. Seeing my work on product...there's just nothing better! It's so so rewarding to see your vision come to life, and to know your hard work has paid off. It's also crucial to walk the showrooms...It gives you a sense of what's hot and being licensed. Lastly, you can interact with other artists...This is critical for our mental, spiritual, and creative mind/heart/soul! Being an isolated artist working in my studio...I can feel in the bell jar. I'm hyper critical of my work. It never helps when my hands float across the keyboard only to stumble upon other artist's beautifully licensed designs...Sighhhhhh It's not that I don't have my confident days...I do. However, let's face it...thi business is pretty much entirely based on opinion...When you only have your own head judging can be a rough road! A goal of mine is to make this the year of being less perfectionistic and more free with my art. It's true it's a job...but, it should be a job of fun, whimsy, and passion!

Me with my new line from Evergreen/Cypress for Christmas 2012:

Standing in front of my "Buzz On In" flag in the Evergreen showroom:

Two more of my flags in the Evergreen showroom:

Standing near my coffee mug in the LANG showroom:


  1. Jennifer, Jennifer - I
    L O V E D spending the eve with you chatting endlessly! You, my new friend, are too much fun. Let's definitely keep in touch!


  2. Terri! You're such a beautiful and wonderful soul!! Yes, let's definitely keep in touch!

    Hugs to you,